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Keynote Address

Keynote Speakers: Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck

The Big Data of Life: Listening to the Information All Around Us

The peer-to-peer trends we see in our lives have been catalyzed by incredible advances in not only information tracking but also the computing power to retrieve, analyze, and visualize that information. And at the same time, this vast amount of intellectual data is dwarfed by the emotional and intuitive feedback we receive in every moment. In this session, we'll equally explore head and heart as we look at how to blend the most sophisticated analytical tools with the most profound intuitive revelations to create better strategy, more fulfilling work, and more impactful outcomes. You will be blown away by the divine math of the universe. Co-presented by Jeff Shuck, one of the leading analysts in the P2P space, and Jennifer Mulholland, one of the leading teachers of consciousness and heart congruence.

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About Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck:

Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, Co-Leaders of Plenty, have been on a united path to make a transformative positive difference on the planet for nearly twenty years. Early in Jennifer’s career, she led innovation for a Fortune 500 software company and later went on to found several businesses dedicated to activating human potential. Meanwhile, Jeff launched Event 360, a firm that raised nearly a billion dollars creating large-scale fundraising events for charity. The two reconnected several years ago to create Plenty, a consultancy focused on connecting, supporting, and inspiring a global community of idealists. At Plenty, Jennifer and Jeff practice a model of co-leadership, jointly leading the firm and directing strategy, insight, innovation, and culture. Their vision is to co-create a vibrant, expanding network of idealists working together to transform the planet.