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AASPiration March 2014
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In this Issue of AASPiration:

- President's Message
- Member Spotlight
- Upcoming Events
- Sponsorship Opportunities
- Best Practice Update
- Ethics Corner
- News You Can Use
- Members on the Move
- New Members List


Message from the President

We’re Off and Running in 2014! Before I say another word I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each of our wonderful AASP members. We accomplished some terrific things in 2013 and they wouldn’t have been realized without members’ support. I’m extremely proud of and grateful for the work undertaken by my predecessor Vicky Medlock and our talented group of Board and Committee members. I mentioned that we accomplished some great things in 2013: if you haven’t done so already, please go review them for yourself in our online annual report. Trust me, this is not the usual bullet point and pie chart report. It’s a very visual and light-hearted look at AASP’s serious accomplishments of the past year. And there are loads of pictures! Take a look – you might see yourself or someone you know!

I’m happy to say that we’re poised to take on and achieve even more in 2014. Our Board recently held a retreat in Chicago where we took off the tactical hat many of us wear day to day and donned our strategic and creative thinking caps. With staff, we worked through our collective vision of the future of AASP. Along the way we asked tough questions about AASP’s membership, marketing and partnership goals and generated excellent ideas. We will be sending these ideas to the Strategic Planning Advisory Group and asking them to develop more specificity around these ideas.

This issue of AASPiration marks the first of four quarterly newsletters your will receive in 2014. Our goal is to bring you content that is relevant to your daily routine. For example, I highly recommend the webinar and education opportunities. If it’s on our radar it’ll be on the AASP calendar. Whether it’s an AASP session or a joint session with one of our partners like CASE or RICE, I know you and your staff will find value.

Continuing to think of value to your daily work, is there a better bang for your buck than the approved AASP Best Practices? The broad range of approved Best Practices available to members only on our site are the result – to date – of the first coordinated effort to address practices across the range of advancement services disciplines. Our Best Practices Committee is constantly developing new material, so be sure to check back often. Remember to use your member login so that you can access the approved practices!

You’ll receive plenty of reminders in other venues, but I also want to mention here that Summit 2014 will be held in Chicago October 20-22. In fact, if you’re thinking of submitting a proposal, the call for proposals is now open. Last year we broke attendance records and our committees are hard at work to surpass even those expectations. Our program committee has developed some exciting new educational tracks in response to member feedback and in keeping with industry trends. So mark those calendars! October 20-22, 2014 in Chicago! Registration and program information will be sent as soon as it is available.

Before I wrap up I want to be sure to mention all of the timely conversation and helpful thought leadership that is provided on the FundSvcs.Org ListServ. FundSvcs became the official listserv of AASP last October and it has continued to be a repository of valuable information and insight into the questions an Advancement Services Professional faces on a day to day basis. I encourage you to subscribe to FundSvcs and be a part of the conversation.

The last member resource I want note is the AASP Career Center. Whether you’re an AASP member seeking a job or a member with job openings this calendar year, this members-only section of the AASP website offers an avenue to connect with people in the advancement services industry. So find your next great staff member or get the attention of those employers. There is no cost and no limit on your participation.

It’s been a pleasure to serve on AASP’s Board over the past five years and I am honored to serve as your President in 2014. Again, thank you for choosing to belong to AASP.

Meredeth Winter, AASP President



Member Spotlight

Melody Allen McBeth, The Children’s Hospital Foundation, and Tammy Armstrong, Oregon Episcopal School, make up a dynamic mother-daughter team of AASP volunteers.

AASP strives to create a close community of Advancement Services professionals, but for Melody Allen McBeth and Tammy Armstrong, the industry truly is a family affair. Melody, Director of Development Information Systems and Services and Interim Director of Gift Administration at The Children’s Hospital Foundation, and her daughter Tammy, Director of Analytics at Oregon Episcopal School, share a passion for analytics and child welfare. Though their unique career paths brought them to different areas of the nonprofit sector, the two never run out of stories to share. Whether it’s working out puzzling Crystal Reports over the phone or recapping sessions from the latest annual Summit, Melody and Tammy always find a resource in each other’s encouragement and expertise.

Melody comes from a long background in philanthropy and obtained her first advancement position because of her knack for databases and Excel. She has since worked in everything from sales to volunteer management, not to mention the skills gained from homeschooling, running a karate studio and serving in the Army. Melody describes her broad career experience as "the parts that sum up how I think and approach challenges today. I’ve never been afraid to roll my sleeves up and dive in.” She currently serves as the Chair of AASP’s Membership Committee and is always looking for volunteers to assist her in diversifying the association’s membership. When she first came to AASP, Melody says she was seeking a sounding board for her "crazy data ideas. Little did I know how at home I would truly feel.”

Tammy seems to have inherited the same knack for information services that brought her mother through a long advancement career. What started as a summer data entry position in her mother’s office has turned into the commotion of responsibility for a database currently supporting a capital campaign. "I definitely wouldn’t be in this role without my mother,” says Tammy. "She taught me everything I know about Raiser’s Edge, introduced me to Crystal Reports and certainly helped me break into the industry.” Tammy serves on the AASP Membership Committee and recently experienced a professional milestone when she presented at Summit 2013. "I know that my experience and knowledge go beyond four years of work at two independent schools because of my experiences at Summit and my relationships with colleagues.”

Though Melody and Tammy navigate two diverse organizations in terms of scale – and two opposite coasts – their mutual passion for data keeps them on beat with each other’s latest projects and challenges. "As the men in our family can tell you,” says Melody, "we almost constantly talk shop!” Melody compares managing a database alternately to a tactical battle, organizing a closet and peeling back the layers on an onion of personal stories, while Tammy studied econometrics and wrote an award-winning quantitative thesis as an undergraduate. Their joint small shop/large shop perspective allows them to look at the big picture. "Our biggest internal challenge is in waiting for the software manufacturers to provide solutions that even small shops can afford,” says Melody, citing the vital impact of smaller scale organizations such as her daughter’s.

The future of software may be full of challenges, but Melody and Tammy have their own opportunities in the present. Melody currently serves as campaign counsel for the Foundation’s CORE (Creating Optimal Records Everywhere) Campaign, working closely with AASP Board member Shomari White. Tammy will soon be taking a break from the industry to earn her Master’s in Analytics at North Carolina State University. Big steps in the information industry, but whatever data puzzles their positions throw at them, these two women know help is just a phone call away.

By: Lauren Clem
Currently studying atTrinity College in Dublin, Ireland

Upcoming Events

AASP Summit 2014 Call for Presentations Now Open!

AASP is requesting presentation proposals for the upcoming 2014 Summit to be held in Chicago, IL on October 20-22 at Holiday Inn Mart Plaza. "Bringing It All Together” is not only a theme for this meeting in branding and location, but a trait that will transcend into the educational sessions. Visit the Summit Call For Presentations page to submit your proposal today.

We are looking for you to share cutting edge technology and business methods in the form of case studies and demonstrations that can be applied to any non-profit advancement organization. The following program tracks are open for submission and consideration:

  • Managing Financial Controls
  • Engaging Constituent Groups
  • Expanding Information Management
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Developing Cohesive Stewardship

The call for presentations will close on Monday, April 7, 2014.

Partner Events


We are proud to partner with and support CASE in offering advancement services educational opportunities at discounted pricing for AASP members! Here's the 2014 current slate of programs:

WEBINAR: The Changing World of Analytics and Research

CONFERENCE: Gift Processing Workshop: Spring Session

IN CONJUNCTION WITH: Alumni and Donor Records Workshop: Spring Session

WEBINAR: Do-It-Yourself Market Research and Data Analysis

CONFERENCE: Institute for Senior Advancement Services Professionals

CONFERENCE: Annual Conference for Donor Relations Professionals
IN CONJUNCTION WITH: Newcomers to Donor Relations Workshop

CONFERENCE: Summer Institute in Advancement Services

You can also sign up today through the AASP Education Page

** If you are a member of AASP but not CASE, please enter AASP14 (all caps) in the "Promotion Code” box to receive the applicable CASE member registration discount.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are excited to offer sponsorship opportunities at Summit 2014. AASP's Summit is the prime opportunity to reach hundreds of key Advancement Services professionals. To learn more about Summit and review all of our sponsorship levels, please download our comprehensive sponsorship prospectus.

You can also complete an online application!

For more information, please contact AASP at 312.981.6798 or

Best Practice Update

No time or budget to travel for education? No problem! Our AASP Webinars allow you to enjoy education at your convenience. Our webinars provide real-time access to experts on current best practices and today's hottest topics. All AASP members are entitled to reduced registration rates. Read below to learn about our next webinars.

Upcoming AASP Best Practice Webinars – Register Today!

March 19, 2014 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST
Professional Development for Advancement Services
Staff Presenter: Jon Thorsen

Program Description: Professional development is an essential aspect of building and maintaining an effective advancement services operation. Staying current with the technology we employ, the management models we utilize and the trends of the philanthropic sector allow us to interact with clients in meaningful ways. We will discuss strategies for creating effective professional development plans for all advancement services staff members, And how to tie these plans to both personal and team success.

May 14, 2014 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

What Your Data Isn't Telling You: Using Predictive Analytics to Turn Data into ROI
Presenter: Steve Beshuk

Program Description: Are you realizing the full potential of one of your most important assets – your data? Learn the strategies you can use to move from operating on instincts and assumptions to making fact-based decisions and uncovering hidden value. You will learn how to use business intelligence and predictive modeling to dissect and improve your annual fund, membership, and major giving programs; strengthen donor relationships and increase their levels of support; and make an impact on bottom-line performance.

Ethics Corner

As we were searching for a good article for this edition of Ethics Corner, we found this list below. Primarily written for profit organizations, the concepts apply to non-profit management as well. Following our Code of Ethics has to be ingrained in each practitioner, and the best way to achieve that level of awareness is to apply ethics to all our everyday tasks. Read on:

6 Key Roles and Responsibilities in Ethics Management

Depending on the size of the organization, certain roles may prove useful in managing ethics in the workplace. These can be full-time roles or part-time functions assumed by someone already in the organization. Small organizations certainly will not have the resources to implement each the following roles using different people in the organization. However, the following functions points out responsibilities that should be included somewhere in the organization.

1. The organization's leadership, especially the chief executive, must fully support the program.

If the chief executive isn't fully behind the program, employees will certainly notice -- and this apparent hypocrisy may cause such cynicism that the organization may be worse off than having no formal ethics program at all. Therefore, the chief executive should announce the program, and champion its development and implementation. Most important, the chief executive should consistently aspire to lead in an ethical manner. If a mistake is made, admit it.

2. Consider establishing an ethics committee at the board level.
The committee would be charged to oversee development and operation of the ethics management program.

3. Consider establishing an ethics management committee.
It would be charged with implementing and administrating an ethics management program, including administrating and training about policies and procedures, and resolving ethical dilemmas. The committee should be comprised of senior officers.

4. Consider assigning/developing an ethics officer.
This role is becoming more common, particularly in larger and more progressive organizations. The ethics officer is usually trained about matters of ethics in the workplace, particularly about resolving ethical dilemmas.

5. Consider establishing an ombudsperson.

The ombudsperson is responsible to help coordinate development of the policies and procedures to institutionalize moral values in the workplace. This position usually is directly responsible for resolving ethical dilemmas by interpreting policies and procedures.

6. Note that one person must ultimately be responsible for managing the ethics management program.

Source: Found in AFPNET.ORG Resource Library: Developed by Carter McNamara, Authenticity Consulting, LLC. (Management Library)

News You Can Use


The 3rd annual Data Reporting Information Visualization Exchange, or DRIVE Conference was held March 4 & 5, 2014 in Bellevue, WA. AASP’s Vice President Tom Chaves was in attendance. "This was a great strategic conference on how information can be an asset to your organization,” said Chaves. He continued, "Participants and presenters from multiple industries illustrated how they are using information more strategically to share with stakeholders to help manage and 'drive' their business.”

Started in 2011 by the University of Washington, DRIVE has become a premier gathering destination for the community of professionals in data, information, data analytics, modeling reporting, and visualization and beyond. Since 2011 attendance has jumped 83%.

At this year’s conference, a variety of speakers led discussions on topics such as best practices, emerging technologies and techniques and trends. Session also covered the "technical deep dive” and strategic investments.

Asked to relate the a few key takeaways, Chaves listed the following, "From how analytics can be used to the cultural shift it presents to an organization. From the spectrum of the value and challenge that information provides to an organization is discussed and presented.”

DRIVE is a conference for the passionate community of professionals seeking excellence in the art & science of data and how it benefits us both personally and professionally.

Have other industry news that AASP members will find interesting? Please share it with us at Use the subject line "AASP AASPiration User News”

Members on the Move

See what your fellow AASP members are up to! Are you changing positions or do you know someone that is? Be sure to tell us! Email us at Photos are encouraged!

New Members

Thank you and welcome to our newest AASP members*!



Veronica Koo                    ACLU
Elina Gorelik                     Art Center College of Design
Angela Rickard                 Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis
Ashutosh Nandeshwar      California Institute of Technology
Krista Stachelek               Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
JoAnne Owens                 Community LINC
Matt Lee                          Conquer Cancer Foundation
Rysta Williford                  Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
Molly Giordano                 Delaware Art Museum
Kelly Batstone                 Drexel University
Denise Dickinson             Fort Lewis College Foundation
Ana Zeiler                        Fort Lewis College Foundation
Lori Staba                        Ithaca College
Julie Andrews                   Ithaca College
Suzan Stern                    Kellogg School of Management
Stephanie Hayes             Lafayette College
JoHanna Young               Manchester University
Nadine Baker                  Manchester University
Jamie Thompson             Methodist Health Foundation
Cheryl Heitz                    Northern Arizona University
Angi Parks                      Park Tudor School
Kavita Rao                      Points of Light
Michael Halverson            Rollins College
Laura Torres                    School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Carla Valeriani                 St. Thomas University
Alexander Agopovich        STEP: Success Through Education Program
Kim Jefferies                    Texas A&M University - Commerce Foundation
Jill Mobley                       Texas A&M University-Commerce
Karen Ferguson               The College of William & Mary
Beth Dow                        The Governor's Academy
Sara Nevills                     The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Marcie Eppling                The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Chandra McTyre              The University of Texas System
Nancy McKinney             University of California, Berkeley
Justin Shaw                    University of Denver
Shannon Tindall               University of Missouri
Deborah Driver                 University of North Texas
Alan Thortnon                 University of North Texas
Angel Durr                      University of North Texas
Brenda Fanara                University of North Texas
Crystal Carlson               University of St. Thomas
Victoria Brauer                University of St. Thomas
Shannon Hendricks         University of St. Thomas
Roberta Garcia                University of Waterloo
Jennifer Sayegh               Virginia Community College System
David Halek                     WCSU Rosemary
Lawrence-Pitt                  Western University


*As of March 13, 2014