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Call for Presentations

Welcome to the AASP Summit 2018 Call for Presentations

The Association of Advancement Services Professionals invites you to submit your valued presentation proposals for this year's Summit being held November 14-16 at The Hilton Chicago.

Deadline to submit is May 14

We ask that you consider this year’s summit theme, “Navigating Change Through Best Practices” as a focal point for your presentation topic. This theme will also be highlighted in keynote presentations as well as session tracks as we gather to network and learn from other advancement services and development operations colleagues.

We would like to remind potential presenters that AASP includes leadership from across many nonprofit organizational profiles. Presentations targeted to inform small shop management are encouraged as are those from organizations with missions beyond the sphere of academia.

The 2018 Summit program will:

  • Offer interactive sessions on emerging trends and new strategies for addressing operational issues
  • Engage advancement services professionals across a broad range of industry sectors
  • Share in-depth knowledge for delivering optimal solutions that leverage opportunities to improve processes
  • Provide opportunities to network with seasoned advancement services experts and industry leaders
  • Present leading business practices in the form of case studies and models that can be applied to fundraising operations in any nonprofit organization
  • Support a rigorous analytical approach for developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of stakeholders
Opportunities for presenting are available across these five conference tracks:
  • Leadership & Career Development
  • Technology Trends
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Prospect Development & Donor Relations
  • Gift & Bio Administration

 Please note that vendor product demonstration rooms will be available for scheduling opportunities to meet with attendees. Track presentations are to be focused on concepts and practices that can support any operational environment regardless of technology and not to serve as a software or service marketing session. Vendors interested in presentations are also encouraged to explore our Sponsorship opportunities.


Suggested Presentation Topics 

1.  What keeps head of advancement/development services and organizational leadership up at night?

2.  Talent management

  • Recruiting staff
  • Retaining staff
  • Training
  • Onboarding
  • New roles in advancement/development
  • Project management

3.       Role of advancement/development services

  • Organizational leadership
  • Campaign leadership
  • Long term planning (CRMs and strategic)

4.       Advancement/development services structures and alignment with organizational goals

5.       Change management

  • Systems changes
  • Change in organizational leadership
  • Fundraising leadership and fundraisers
  • Advancement/development services leadership

6.       Regulator and ethics impacts

  • GDPR
  • Tax law
  • Donor-advised funds 
  • Gift agreements
  • Social media information

7.       CRM practicum

  • Selection and conversion process
  • Lessons learned – best decisions and biggest mistakes
  • Append services

8.       Data analytics

  • What shop is in it
  •  Using AI, BI, and big data
  • Data source
  • Third-party data source and ethics

9.       Metrics for fundraising and advancement/development Services

  • ROI
  • Engagement

10.   Marketing and communication advancement/development service

  • To fundraisers
  • To fundraising and organizational leadership
  • To advancement/development services

11.   Changes in the annual giving market

  • Impact on advancement/development services
  • Communications channels

12.    New Horizons

  • Success stories:  process and/or technology improvements that are having positive impact, and how
  • Emerging thinking - challenging old assumptions and evolving new strategies (e.g. for annual giving)
  • Emerging needs
  • Emerging (new) tools and their possible impact
  • CRM spotlight – trends / direction