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Mission Statement

The mission of the Association of Advancement Services Professionals is to be the leading professional resource for advancement services practitioners and those wishing to learn about the field.

We do this by:

  • Establishing, promoting, and advocating professional standards and practices.
  • Helping not-for-profit organizations understand the role of advancement services.
  • Promoting educational resources and opportunities for advancement services practitioners.
  • Supporting professional growth and advancement for practitioners.
  • Facilitating relationships and interaction among practitioners.

The association works to accomplish its mission through the following core strategies:

Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships: Be a voice for those in the field of advancement services to raise the profile of our profession. Establish a definition for the role we play in institutional advancement in support of each institution being served by colleagues throughout the world of nonprofit organizations. Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with existing philanthropic organizations as well as with other organized associations of service providers to our industry.

Professional Development: Play a primary and active role in defining the best curriculum to be utilized wherever industry standards and best practices for those in the field of operations in support of institutional advancement are being taught. Help develop informational tools in any available format to share changes in methodology and manner through which we can best perform our services to our respective institutions.

Global Networking: Strive to be the hub through which colleagues in advancement services from around the world can reach out to share innovative ideas, discuss common challenges and provide benchmark concepts from which all can benefit both at the individual professional level and in the broader perspective of divisions and departments within nonprofit institutions.

Ethics and Accountability: Establish, affirm, and articulate the best standards of ethical practice for all advancement services professionals, both as individuals and as members of professional staff at their respective nonprofit organizations.

Membership: Enhance interest and awareness of the advancement services profession; promote active participation across all nonprofit institutional types and missions, and across the range of advancement services roles.

Information Management: Establish AASP as the organization with expertise in information systems and data management practices in the advancement profession.

AASP Organizational Development: Ensure AASP's continued ability to serve the profession through effective organizational management.