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Founding Members

These members joined us early in the process to help build a foundation for aasp. Our thanks to them for their courage and belief in the possibilities for the organization.

Karen Alfaro
Lynne Becker
Mark Burns
Joseph Calger
Mark DeFilippis
Brian Dowling
Ron Eisenstein
Scott Fendley
Gail Ferris
Sylvia Galen
Wendy Gasparri
Barbara Gomez

Bill Green
Charles Headley
Alan Hejnal
Napoleon Hendrix III
Rhonda Holdip
Michel Hudson
Charlie Hunsaker
Liz Landry
Anita Lawson
Jonathan Lindsey
Erin Liss
Sharon Lonthair

Vicky Medlock
Debbie Miller
Erin Moran
Amy Phillips
Christina Pulawski
Mike Reopell
Robin Schneider
John Taylor
Stephanie Taylor
Jon Thorsen
Robert Weiner
Meredeth Winter