About Advancement Services

Advancement services professionals help nonprofits cultivate a vibrant future.

Advancement services professionals employ their expertise in managing, analyzing, and leveraging the data needed to inform organizational strategy and conduct the operations that engage and steward nonprofit organizations’ stakeholders, supporters, and members.

From prospects to patients, members to alumni, and everyone in between, the people who fuel and fund an organization’s future present an immense amount of data to be captured, managed, visualized—and ultimately leveraged by the experts in advancement services.

Advancement services play a critical role in the operations necessary for engaging and stewarding the people who fuel and fund nonprofits through communications, events management, direct marketing, and related activities.

Advancement services is known by many names: development services, advancement operations, and even philanthropy services. No matter the terms used on an organizational chart, our field fills the same critical role in advancing the organization’s mission.

As the only association focused exclusively on bringing a big-picture perspective to the full scope of advancement services across all nonprofit sectors, aasp serves as an authority on best practices. Visit our library of over 100 Best Practices in advancement services.

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