Statement of Ethics

Advancement Services professionals, under our responsibilities within the advancement community, establish, affirm, and articulate the best standards of ethical practice, both as individuals and members of professional staff at our respective nonprofit organizations.

We have a special duty to exemplify the best qualities of our institutions, organizations, and businesses and to observe the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. By example, advancement services professionals encourage our colleagues to embrace and practice these ethical principles and standards.


We safeguard privacy rights and confidential information, balancing an individual’s right to privacy with the needs of our institutions to collect, analyze, record, maintain, use, and disseminate information.

We follow the letter and spirit of laws and regulations safeguarding constituent data.

We observe these standards and others that apply to our profession and actively encourage colleagues to join us in supporting the highest standards of conduct regarding privacy rights and confidentiality.

We encourage our employers to develop and adopt confidentiality and privacy policies that apply to all employees.


We are accountable to internal and external constituents, maintaining transparency and honesty.

We are responsible stewards of the resources (human, financial, capital, et al.) entrusted to our care.

We are committed to excellence and to maintaining the trust of our staff and constituency.

We respect the worth and dignity of individuals, recognizing their unique and valuable contributions at all levels within the advancement organization, and demonstrate concern for the interests and well-being of individuals affected by our actions.


We create positive interactions with internal and external constituents and offer the necessary tools and solutions to achieve our organizations' fundraising goals and objectives. We continuously improve systems and procedures in our provision of professional services, resources, and solutions.

We partner with our peers to achieve the goals and objectives of the advancement organization.

We maintain an ongoing commitment to quality, which is representative of the following attributes and traits: accountability, accuracy, attention to detail, creativity, confidentiality, conscientiousness, dedication, dependability, determination, efficiency, integrity, perseverance, respect, thoroughness and timeliness.

We promote stewardship practices that are timely, personalized, sincere, creative, and flexible.


We establish metrics and monitor progress to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all transactional data.

We abide by applicable government regulations and industry standards.

We maintain appropriate and consistent accounting, budgeting, and reporting methodologies.

We continuously pursue opportunities to enhance professional and personal skills, resulting in the highest levels of service to our donors and organizations. We seek out information and encourage our staff, at all levels, to pursue career development opportunities; and we share our knowledge and experience freely with others, as appropriate.

We pursue progressive methods and modifications to improve conditions for, and benefits to, donors and our organization. We incorporate innovative management techniques leading to the highest level of efficiency in operations.

We maximize the utilization of technology in daily operations, particularly relative to information systems and data management.

We contribute to and employ best practices in all areas of advancement services.

This Statement of Ethics was compiled incorporating ideas and principles put forth in the following documents: CASE Statement of Ethics, Code of Ethical Principles and Standards – AFP, Statement of Ethics – APRA, AHP Statement of Professional Standards and Conduct, and the Independent Sector’s Statement of Values and Code of Ethics for Nonprofit and Philanthropic organizations.