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aasp’s Vendor Directory is a trusted and useful tool for the advancement services community which showcases providers from a variety of categories, as seen below. If you’re interested in being listed on aasp’s Vendor Directory, please contact us at [email protected].

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Software & Technology Solutions

  • CRM & Advancement ERP
  • Data Management, MDM, & ETL
  • Business Intelligence, AI, & Big Data
  • Workflow & Business Process
  • Other Technology

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Data Acquisition, Augmentation, & Management

  • Data Quality & Cleansing
  • Data Acquisition
  • Prospect Identification & Wealth Screening
  • Data Governance & Management

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Marketing & Digital Communications

  • Email, Text, Social, & Other Digital Communications
  • Direct Marketing, Mail, & Calling
  • Other Marketing

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Consulting Services

  • Fundraising & Campaign Management
  • System Implementation
  • Business Process & Best Practices
  • Data Analysis, Cleansing, & Management
  • Programming & Technical Support
  • Other Consulting

aasp’s Provider Neutrality Policy

To encourage healthy competitive practices, aasp takes seriously our commitment to operate in an ethical and transparent manner, including adherence to all relevant anti-trust regulations. This protects the interests of members, sponsors, aasp, and the broader advancement services community. While many providers are also sponsors of aasp, sponsorships are in no way are equivalent to endorsements, explicit or tacit. In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived:


  • will not recommend, endorse, or dismiss specific providers
  • will not comment, publicly or privately, on the quality, effectiveness, or value of a specific provider
  • will not comment, publicly or privately, on how a specific provider will or won’t fit a particular individual's needs
  •  will not provide pricing information for any provider (even if that information is public)