July 23, July 30 and August 6, 2024

12:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

Navigating the Digital Age

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As we are called upon to meet the needs of a changing advancement landscape, aasp's Summer Workshop Series Deep Dive will provide strategic direction to address the technology, processes, data, and people needed to create a resilient organization while meeting the challenges ahead.

Join us virtually over three weeks this summer to dive into our theme, Navigating the Digital Age.


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Day 1 | July 23

Session 1: Technology Governance and How to Lead the Way – Come learn more about Technology Governance; why you need it and how to implement a program at your institution. Learn how this differs from data governance and the importance of implementing a structure to align resources with business priorities. Learn about technology governance and how to lead the way in implementing a program.

Terry Callaghan | Zuri Group, Associate Vice President, Management Consulting

Wayne Combs | CHOC Children's Foundation, Associate Vice President, Operations


Session 2: Strategic Planning for Best Use of Technology  Explore practical approaches to transforming IT vision into reality through effective strategic technology planning, with equal focus on people, process, governance and technology. This session emphasizes aligning IT investments with strategic objectives, enhancing operational efficiency, and driving sustainable business growth.

  • People and the Importance of Communication: Highlight the critical role of effective communication in technology initiatives, focusing on fostering collaboration, managing change, and nurturing talent development and retention strategies.
  • Business Processes and Project Management: Discuss best practices in integrating technology with business processes, emphasizing agile project management methodologies to ensure alignment with strategic goals and optimize operational efficiency.
  • Governance: From Inception to Maturity: Explore the evolution of governance frameworks from initial establishment to maturity, addressing key milestones, challenges, and strategies for adapting governance structures to evolving organizational needs. It’s not just about meetings.
  • Risk Mitigation in the Era of "Mystery Box" Technology: The complexities of managing risks associated with emerging and disruptive technologies. Discuss strategies for proactive risk assessment.

Deb Cunningham | MIT, Executive Director, Strategic Information Management

Mark Walcott | Emory University, Assistant Vice President, Technology and Business Intelligence


Panel Discussion | Navigating the Now – Stories from the Field
Join moderator Jon Thorsen and panelists LaKiesha Gayden, Turner McCulley, and Stephanie Norton for a discussion on Navigating the Now. Progressing toward a state of smoothly operating technology based on sound strategic planning and guided by clear standards of governance takes resources, effort, and time. While we work through that evolution, supporting our partners through our current realities requires creativity, determination, and patience. In this session we’ll hear from colleagues who have lived through these transitions, and hear how they made that work.

Following this session, participants will be able to:
• Take a proactive approach to addressing data management issues with partners
• Recognize the times when we must be reactive to the inevitable problems that arise, and manage these in a measured and intentional manner
• Utilize an incremental approach to introducing and managing change


Day 2 | July 30

Session 1: Data Management: Vision, Strategy, and Partnerships  Data management is an essential component of our work in fundraising and engagement. Regardless of the size or type of organization you are part of, you can create a vision and strategy to strategically manage your data and create a holistic view of your constituents. This vision and strategy incorporate your current technology ecosystem, staffing, resources, internal and external partnerships, and future growth for your organization.  Join us as we talk about understanding your ecosystem, how data is acquired, where data is stored, how it is used and viewed by the end user and how to leverage technology and partnerships to develop a forward-looking strategy and vision.

Josem Diaz | United Service Organizations, Vice President, Development Business Operations

Mary Carole Starke | Huron GG+A Global Philanthropy, Consultant

Mark Koenig | Oregon State University Foundation, Vice President, Technology and Chief Innovation Officer


Session 2: Data Management Practices That Support Organizational Vision  Building upon our previous session focused on data management vision and strategy, we invite you to delve deeper into practical approaches for effectively managing your institution's data. This discussion will touch upon a number of considerations, ranging from establishing a robust data governance framework to implementing reliable methods for ensuring data integrity, proper data collection, compliance, security, and literacy. Through this session, we’ll highlight some key practices to help you translate your data management strategy into tangible actions.

Sarah Hall | Harvard University, Director of Data Governance, Alumni Affairs & Development

Sarah D. Hendrick | MIT


Panel Discussion | Solving Data Issues

Advancement Services constantly battle a myriad of data conundrums. We are bringing together four industry experts who have dealt with—and continue to deal with—data issues daily! Join a panel of industry experts, including Zachary Spurlin, Anita Lawson, and Brad Reardon, moderated by John Taylor, to discuss issues.

In preparation for a lively discussion, your panel has identified numerous possible topics to discuss. The top five issues we landed on are:

· Maintaining Data Integrity

· CRM Conversions – What to Clean Up & When?

· Creating a Structure to Tackle Data Issues - People, Processes, and Documentation

· Centralized versus Decentralized versus Hybrid Data Entry

· Records Management Staff Development, Retention, and Training

We have developed a longer list of topics we will be prepared to introduce. However, this is your panel, and we want to discuss what is important to you. We will solicit audience participation throughout our session. However, please send your data challenges in advance to [email protected], and we’ll ensure we address your data issues!

Learning Objectives:
Articulate known data challenges and issues and offer solutions to those problems.



Day 3 | August 6

Session 1: Orchestrating Harmony Among Multiple Platforms - In today’s digital landscape, institutions and organizations often deal with a multitude of platforms, each serving a specific purpose. This presentation delves into strategies for fostering collaboration, streamlining workflows, and achieving technical and non-technical synergies across systems. We will explore how to orchestrate these platforms harmoniously, work to initiate successful collaboration of platform selection processes and pursue the goal of seamless data flow, efficient processes, and optimal user experiences. Join us as we discuss the art and science of platform cohesion and unlock the power of cross-platform functionality.

Dwight Dozier | Georgia Tech Foundation, CIO

Evan Johnson | Georgia Tech Alumni Association, Director of IT Services


Session 2: Leveraging Data Recipes to Personalize Engagement – In today’s attention economy, leveraging data and technology is paramount for personalized engagement strategies. Join us and explore how analytics tools can help you quickly uncover meaningful patterns and connection opportunities. By generating and harnessing insights from your data, you can tailor interactions, foster deeper engagement and drive impactful outcomes for your fundraising programs. Stay tuned for more updates.

Rodger Devine | Pomona College, Assistant Vice President, Advancement Services

Derrick Fang | Pomona College, Director, Research, Relationship Management and Analytics


Panel Discussion | Data, Tools, Technology, Enablement and Strategies for Personalizing Fundraising and Engagement - Tales from the Trenches

Join panelists Culley Johnson, Jean Camber, and Eric Valdescaro for a conversation moderated by Sabre Leek. Our partnership with Annual Giving, Major Gifts, Planned Giving, Leadership and Marketing are essential to ensure their success to meet goals, be productive, and present the correct institutional information at the right time. Our constituents have so many competing priorities for their time and attention, Our Call to Actions will be overlooked, ignored, or declined without the right personalization.

Our panel will share its wins, losses, strategies, and plans for the future for empowering their fundraising and engagement teams with the right tools, technology, training, and strategies as they work to achieve their goals in this complex world.

We will send out a survey after registration and look forward to receiving your detailed questions to ensure actionable information is shared to help your institution find its way through the chaos.

Meet the Panelists and Presenters

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